Storms hit SWEPCO for second holiday in a row


The Saturday, July 1 thunderstorms kicked off the long holiday weekend by packing winds up to 45 miles per hour, with gusts up to 60 mph, downing power lines and trees across three states. Continue reading “Storms hit SWEPCO for second holiday in a row”

City of Longview thanks SWEPCO for its storm restoration efforts

Longview city council says thanksRESIZED

Longview Mayor Andy Mack, left, with SWEPCO employees at a recent city council meeting. Continue reading “City of Longview thanks SWEPCO for its storm restoration efforts”

SWEPCO offers Tropical Storm Cindy preparation and safety tips


With tropical weather threatening the South Louisiana coast, SWEPCO offers the following storm preparation and safety tips: Continue reading “SWEPCO offers Tropical Storm Cindy preparation and safety tips”

Photo: Appreciation for Longview employees


Longview Regional Hospital hosted an appreciation lunch for SWEPCO employees and first responders Tuesday from 11am – 1pm.

The come-and-go event was much appreciated by the many SWEPCO personnel who worked to restore service to customers after two EF-1 tornadoes came through the Longview area last week.


SWEPCO Storm Update: June 2, 9:00 a.m.

Transmisson dozier leads way for D crews

A SWEPCO transmission line bulldozer paves the way for a SWEPCO track-bucket vehicle to reach customers in a difficult area south of Shreveport, La. Continue reading “SWEPCO Storm Update: June 2, 9:00 a.m.”

SWEPCO Storm Update: Thursday, June 1 – 9:30 a.m.

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The task of restoring power to the remaining customers is reaching a difficult stage. While SWEPCO has been able to reach 95 percent restoration to more than 94,000 customers, 8,700 customers in three of our towns are still without power. New storms developing Thursday can slow down the restoration process, and new outages could occur. Our repair efforts are complicated by many large downed trees and some areas are hard to access. We appreciate your continued patience as 800 personnel work as quickly and safely as possible to restore your lives to a normal routine.

Crews continue to rebuild parts of the electric system torn down by 60 mile-per-hour winds and two EF-1 tornadoes confirmed in the Longview area, with efforts complicated by many large downed trees and some areas with difficult access.

Hardest hit parts of the SWEPCO service territory included the Longview area in Texas and the Mansfield and Natchitoches areas in Louisiana, where significant work remains.

Overall, as of 9:30 am today, SWEPCO has restored power to approximately 94,300 customers, or about 92 percent of all 103,000 customers who lost power during Sunday’s storm.

A work force of almost 800 men and women, including 500 line and almost 300 tree personnel, are continuing work in all areas where customers are still without power.

The estimated restoration times below tell when we expect to have power restored to 95 percent of customers in an area. Your power may be restored prior to our estimate.

Outages and Estimated Restoration Times (for 95 percent of customers who can take power):

Longview area – 4,627 – Friday at 5 pm

Mansfield area – 2,357 – Thursday at 5 pm
Natchitoches area – 1,306 – Thursday at 5 pm

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Please note: The outage map at is not showing all known outages. We apologize for the inconvenience.

DOWNED LINES – Never touch a downed utility wire, no matter how harmless it looks. It can be difficult to distinguish between a power line and a cable or telephone line. All downed lines should be considered energized and dangerous. And don’t touch anything in contact with the line, such as trees, fences or puddles of water, since they can conduct electricity. Keep children and pets away from this potential hazard. Call SWEPCO to report any downed lines or equipment.

PORTABLE GENERATOR SAFETY – If you use a portable or RV generator, do not plug the generator into your circuit box. Portable generators “backfeed” electricity up the line and risk the lives of repair workers and the public. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully, and plug essential appliances directly into the generator.

WEATHERHEAD DAMAGE – If the weatherhead or meter base at your home or business has been damaged or pulled away from the structure, you will need to have it repaired by a licensed electrician before SWEPCO can safely reconnect service. Once the repair is made, please contact SWEPCO so your service can be reconnected.