Be aware of lightning strikes during summer storms

Lightning strikes

Summer thunderstorms can rapidly develop with dangerous cloud to ground lightning strokes. Continue reading “Be aware of lightning strikes during summer storms”

SWEPCO presents The Safety Circus In-School Performances

Elementary schools in Arkansas and Louisiana will host a live educational play at no cost, thanks to SWEPCO. Continue reading “SWEPCO presents The Safety Circus In-School Performances”

Mylar balloons and kites can damage SWEPCO lines

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) reminds its customers that metallic coatings on Mylar helium balloons and on kites can cause damage to SWEPCO’s electrical system and cause power losses, emphasizing the need to make sure these objects are not allowed to interfere in the lines. Continue reading “Mylar balloons and kites can damage SWEPCO lines”

Street light out? Report it online!



The task is easy – report street light outages at   Continue reading “Street light out? Report it online!”

12 Health & Safety Tips for the Holidays

Half length portrait of young handsome caucasian short brown hair woman celebrating holding a sparkler, looking the flame, smiling - celebrating, new year eve, happiness

Here are 12 health and safety tips to help make your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other holiday celebration a safe and happy one. Continue reading “12 Health & Safety Tips for the Holidays”

Electrical safety tips for the season


“The year’s largest and most festive holiday season is upon us. In addition to the cheer, sharing and family togetherness, safety should be considered when decorating the house,” said Scott McCloud, AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO®) principal communications consultant in Shreveport. Continue reading “Electrical safety tips for the season”