SWEPCO takes part in Safety Day in Longview

Longview Safety Day arc demo with jason howeth

The East Texas Damage Prevention Councils of East Texas hosted a free Safety Day at the Longview Exhibit Building Sept. 28. Attendees had a rare opportunity to see and hear what happens when a backhoe ruptures a gas pipeline. The release of a hazardous liquids pipeline also was demonstrated, along with arriving emergency responders to the scene. SWEPCO showed live arcs of current when conductors touch power lines in a simulator. A fire extinguisher training program was given.

Jason Howeth, Ron Tevebaugh and Sue Haynes represented SWEPCO at the event.

Be aware of lightning strikes during summer storms

Lightning strikes

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SWEPCO presents The Safety Circus In-School Performances

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Mylar balloons and kites can damage SWEPCO lines

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