New Year, New Air Filters


Each New Year we have the opportunity to take on new goals and resolutions. One largely overlooked area for improvement is how often you change the air filter in your HVAC system.

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Now Hiring: Customer Care Agents

Do you have a smile in your voice, a willingness to serve and a positive attitude?

Jean Simpson Personnel Services is hiring Customer Care Agents for SWEPCO. We’re looking for highly qualified candidates who have:

  • 2 or more years of customer service experience
  • Excellent communication and computer skills
  • Availability to work a flexible schedule in a 24/7 operation

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No ID, no way: recognize & report scams

As a member of the award-winning Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS), we are continuing our efforts to remind you of the tactics scammers use to steal money from you and to educate you on how you can guard against falling victim to impostor utility scams.

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Not all scammers talk like a pirate… except this one

For #TalkLikeAPirateDay, help us stop the pillaging:


Reliability changes discussed with South Bossier residents

Stefan Urion (middle), distribution risk and reliability manager, talks with Bossier City residents about reliability improvements for their neighborhood.

More than 45 South Bossier City neighbors attended a SWEPCO Open House Thursday afternoon at Elm Grove Middle School to learn about electric reliability improvements for the Shady Grove, Sun City, Savannah Place and Bellaire neighborhoods.

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SWEPCO Open House for South Bossier


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Video: Budget better with AMP

Avoid large spikes in your SWEPCO bill with our Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP).

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