Volvo electrification initiative: A history of electric vehicles

How does the Volvo Electrification initiative benefit Volvo EV owners and the public at large?

Volvo Cars believes that the future is electric. And the brand has pledged that from 2019 onward, every new Volvo vehicle will have an electric motor to help create cleaner mobility, with the ultimate goal of 50% of their sales comprised of all-electric vehicles by the year 2025. The remainder of their fleet will be hybrid vehicles with an electric motor and a gasoline-powered engine.

What is the Volvo electrification initiative?

This commitment will lead to one million electrified Volvo vehicles on the road by 2025. This mission will continue into 2030 where their fleet of new SUVs, sedans, and wagons will be 100% fully electric. That is the Volvo Electrification initiative.

By making such a massive commitment to electric vehicle production, Volvo Cars is creating demand for an increased public EV charging infrastructure, improved electric vehicle range capabilities, and faster charging times.

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