Leaky Homes = Less Savings

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Sealing air leaks is a cost-effective way to save on heating costs while maintaining the comfort of your home during cold winter months.

Air leakage is when the air in your home is able to escape through cracks and crevices. This also happens in reverse when outside air is able to get into your house through those same cracks and crevices.

In the winter months, this means cold air is able to get into your home while the warm air you’ve paid to heat escapes. Additionally, your heating system will work harder to keep your house warm.

To combat air leaks, and to save energy and money, weatherstrip or caulk around doors, windows and other parts of your home. From the interior, with the door closed, if you see light or feel a draft, you should repair or replace the weatherstripping.

Heat rising through the ceiling into the attic is another major source of heat loss. Look for obvious air leaks around duct joints and seal as needed. Over time, ducts located in the attic that are not properly sealed can leak as much as 25% of heated air into the unconditioned space.

If you have a fireplace at your house, be sure the damper is tightly closed when it’s not in use. Glass fireplace doors are also good for additional savings.

SWEPCO offers monetary incentives through our energy efficiency programs for residential customers to make some of these home improvements. Learn how to participate and ways to keep your home from being leaky at SWEPCO.com/Save.


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