Ashdown Schools receive $63k for lighting upgrades

Ashdown Schools Check Presentation
Pictured left to right: Ashdown Schools Superintendent Casey Nichols, Ashdown Schools Board Member Rosa Bowman, Energy Efficiency & Consumer Program Coordinator Greg Perkins and Clear Energy Director of Business Development Josh Meyer

Energy Efficiency & Consumer Program Coordinator Greg Perkins last week presented Ashdown Schools with a $63,046.60 check for participating in the Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. The school district completed a large lighting retrofit project to qualify for the incentive.
The lighting upgrades were implemented on each campus, as well as the maintenance shop. Fluorescent lighting in classrooms and common areas was replaced with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which use less energy and improve lighting quality. Exterior area lighting was also upgraded to energy efficient LEDs.

Anticipated annual electric savings from the project will be approximately 83 kW in demand reduction and 450,000 kWh in energy. The reduction in energy usage is estimated to reduce Ashdown School’s SWEPCO bill by $40,500 per year.

The Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides incentives for energy-saving upgrades to new and existing commercial, industrial, government and educational facilities with peak demand greater than 100 kW. The program is designed to help facilities to reduce energy consumption. In addition to lighting upgrades, there are incentives available for upgrading HVAC systems, motors and variable-speed drives, air compressor systems and lighting controls.

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