Brighter lights, lower bills for LifeShare Blood Center

Left to right: LifeShare Blood Center President and CEO Chad Douglas, LifeShare Blood Center Director of Property and Fleet Jorge Garcia and Princ. Energy Efficiency & Consumer Program Coordinator Jeff Thigpen

Princ. Energy Efficiency & Consumer Program Coodinator Jeff Thigpen presented LifeShare Blood Center with $20,482.71 for participating in the Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

The program provides incentives for facilities to reduce peak electric demand and annual energy consumption, resulting in improved building performance and comfort.

The nonprofit’s Shreveport facility recently completed a lighting retrofit; a total of 904 bulbs were replaced with LEDs, yielding an annual savings of approximately $13,000.

“We’re proud to work with LifeShare Blood Center to help the nonprofit save money on its future energy bills,” said Thigpen. “The money saved will go toward LifeShare’s good work of saving lives across the tri-state area.”

Anticipated annual electric savings from the project will be approximately 34 kW in demand and 155,000 kWh in energy.

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