Turn Tricks Into Treats By Spooking Energy Vampires

Lurking inside your home are monsters! You can’t see them. They won’t harm you. But, they will haunt your SWEPCO bill. 

As temperatures turn colder during the Halloween season, you’re likely thinking of ways to lower your electric bill in the coming months. Energy vampires don’t suck blood – just your hard-earned cash! Energy slurping gadgets like coffee makers, game consoles and computers slowly suck up to $100-$200 per year, just by being plugged in while not in use. That’s right: even when you’re not using them, many of the appliances and gadgets in your home still consume power.

Here’s a few tricks to put an end to their reign of terror:


Whenever you aren’t using a device, simply unplug it. It’s more potent than garlic in keeping energy monsters at bay. Leaving your phone plugged in after it’s fully charged can consume up to an additional 2.24 watts. Think about that adding up across several devices plugged in throughout your home. Tablets, computers, video game consoles… it all adds up to a significant portion of your bill. If you’re not using it: unplug it.

Use a power strip.

powerstripMore effective than a stake to the heart, using a power strip can help you easily manage power for your devices. Safely plug a few devices into a power strip, and turn off the strip when you don’t need to use them. New smart power strips automatically turn the power off to anything you aren’t using, making it easier to stop energy vampires right in the tracks.

Activate sleep mode.

Just like a vampire sleeping in a coffin, many electronic devices like radios and TVs have a special “sleep” or “standby” mode.  If you’re leaving home or not planning to use your electronics, put them in sleep mode to use less energy. For example, it may be tempting to just hit pause while you run out for food during a TV binge-fest. However, hitting stop and putting your TV or streaming device into standby mode is better for reducing your SWEPCO bill.


ovenOld devices simply consume more electricity than new ones. If you can, consider upgrading appliances and electronics in your home to ENERGY STAR® replacements. When an appliance receives an ENERGY STAR® rating, it means that it is independently certified to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality.

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