Gillham Volunteer Fire Department receives decommissioned SWEPCO bucket truck

Gillham_Donation Sept 2018
DSS Jimmy Bristow, CSAR Principle Paul Knowles, Gillham Fire Dept. Chief Marc Rosson, Gillham City Council Member Jayne Cole, Gillham Assistant Fire Chief & City Council Member Karen Russell and External Affairs Manager Jennifer Harland

When Gillham Volunteer Fire Department Chief Marc Rosson had a need, he went to to find an answer.

The need was for a new brush truck to join the department’s fleet – a truck to help extinguish wildland fires that larger firefighting equipment cannot get to easily.

“I really didn’t know if [the request] would end up in the right person’s hands or not,” said Rosson.

SWEPCO’s Contact Us form landed in External Affairs Manager Jennifer Harland’s inbox. Harland then worked with Fleet to locate a decommissioned truck from Generation.

The bucket truck was brought to the fire station September 27.

“By receiving this truck, it’ll help us save money to be able to do it right,” said Rosson. “Meaning, we intend to make this a one-person vehicle, where one person can use the controls upfront [to extinguish wildland fires]. With it not using two people, we can have other [volunteers] doing other stuff as well.”

City Council Member and Assistant Fire Chief Karen Russell said the department was in need of a brush truck.

“We have a pumper and a tanker, and both are older trucks,” said Russell. “Being a volunteer fire department, we have no money. They only money we have is money we raise and receive from grants; the grant money pays our bills and puts gas in the trucks. Everything else is all volunteer. This is going to be a fresh start on a brush truck.”

“This will go a long way for the volunteer fire department here in Gillham,” added said City Council Member Jayne Cole.

Harland noted how perfect this truck is for Gillham: it doesn’t need the boom. Rosson said it’d be the volunteers’ winter project to remove the boom.

“I really appreciate SWEPCO donating this to us,” added Rosson.

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