SWEPCO donates land for Gentry Fire Department Station, Helipad

IMG_5930b SWEPCO Gentry FD land donation Sept 2018 - lo res
Visiting the Gentry Fire Station No. 2 and a new helipad site are (left to right) Firefighter Jeff Parks, Flint Creek Power Plant Manager Carl Handley, Gentry Fire Chief Vester Cripps, Firefighter Charlie Kelm, Gentry Mayor Kevin Johnston and SWEPCO External Affairs Manager Jeff Milford. SWEPCO’s Flint Creek Power Plant is in the background.

The Gentry (Ark.) Fire Department will soon add a helipad to its Fire Station No. 2 on land donated by SWEPCO, which co-owns and operates the nearby Flint Creek Power Plant.
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‘The Light Man’: Wilson’s career has been caring for Little River County

Carson Family
Robert “The Light Man” Wilson, July 2017. Photo by Tye Jackson.

For 36 years, Robert Wilson worked as the single troubleman for Ashdown, Ark., earning him the name “The Light Man” by the town’s residents.

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Not all scammers talk like a pirate… except this one

For #TalkLikeAPirateDay, help us stop the pillaging: SWEPCO.com/StopScams


Reliability changes discussed with South Bossier residents

Stefan Urion (middle), distribution risk and reliability manager, talks with Bossier City residents about reliability improvements for their neighborhood.

More than 45 South Bossier City neighbors attended a SWEPCO Open House Thursday afternoon at Elm Grove Middle School to learn about electric reliability improvements for the Shady Grove, Sun City, Savannah Place and Bellaire neighborhoods.

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SWEPCO Open House for South Bossier


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Video: Budget better with AMP

Avoid large spikes in your SWEPCO bill with our Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP).

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