Underground power grid upgrades begin in Haughton’s Dogwood Park

Construction has begun in Haughton’s Dogwood Park to replace more than 24,000 feet of underground electric cable that is at the end of its useful life. This $1.5 million investment will improve the safety and reliability of service for customers.

The project will finish at the end of the 2018 and is comprised of 10 total phases, minimizing disruption to residents. Each phase will take a few weeks to complete by our contractor, Louisiana Electric. Residents can find more information on how the project will impact their homes and electric service at SWEPCO.com/DogwoodPark.

In addition to improvements in Dogwood Park, SWEPCO is strengthening the local power grid and providing support for future growth and economic growth in Shreveport-Bossier area through infrastructure projects including:

  • Investing $46 million to rebuild aging transmission facilities and to construct new facilities.
  • Replacing 5,500 electrical poles by the end of the year.
  • Installing smart switches and other automation technologies to isolates outages and improve reliability.

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