Scammers targeting SWEPCO customers in East Texas


SWEPCO servicemen in Henderson, Texas on Nov. 29 were stopped by a police officer who reported there are people claiming they are SWEPCO workers who are wanting to go into their houses and check their breaker boxes.  They have hit three different neighborhoods so far.

SWEPCO has NO reason to go into customer’s homes.  

 -Scammers hit hardest during the holiday season.

-Scams can be in person, over the phone or online.

-Always ask to see an AEP employee ID badge from anyone claiming to be from SWEPCO or AEP. Our personnel should be wearing appropriate company logo shirts, hard hats or ball caps, and ask to see the SWEPCO truck!

-We will NEVER go inside a house to look at your circuit breaker, unless you have a scheduled appointment with us. Our responsibility ends at the meter base and electric meter.

-Additionally, we will NEVER ask that you make an immediate payment on site or purchase a debit/green dot card to avoid being disconnected.


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