10 tips to save energy in the kitchen

Man Taking Roast Turkey Out Of The Oven

The holiday season is here, and that means there’s quite a bit of cooking going on in homes.
As you begin preparing your favorite holiday menu, keep these energy-saving tips in mind:

  1. Use pans that fit the surface units on the range to avoid wasting heat. Use tight-fitting lids on pans to reduce cooking time.
  2. When baking, plan to make the most efficient use of the heat. Cook a complete meal by choosing foods that cook at the same temperature.
  3. Keep the oven door closed when baking. Opening the door causes heat loss and extends cooking time.
  4. Reduce the cooking time for frozen meats by thawing them properly before cooking.
  5. When you’re through cooking, make sure all units are turned off.
  6. Make sure the refrigerator is airtight. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Refrigerators account for over 20% of the energy used in the home.
  7. Use a thermometer to assist you in attaining a temperature setting of between 35 and 40 degrees, which is considered best for refrigerators. Settings below these temperatures for extended periods could be a waste of electricity and cause unnecessary wear on the appliance.
  8. Develop the habit of opening the refrigerator or freezer door only when it’s really necessary, then take out as many items as you can at one time to save on your energy costs.
  9. Run the dishwasher only when you have a full load. Don’t leave the water running when washing dishes by hand.
  10. Leave the kitchen exhaust fan on for just a few minutes after you finish cooking to remove food odors and excess heat. Don’t leave it on too long, or you’ll remove cooled or heated air from your home.

These tips can help you use energy more efficiently all year long!




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