Sailboat safety 101

Sunrise Over A Docked Sailboat In Charleston South Carolina

If sailing is on your plan this long end-of-summer holiday weekend, enjoy it, BUT remember to stay away from power lines.

Keep these safety tips in mind when enjoying the sails:

  • Avoid all line contact with the boat mast or antennae while rigging, launching or sailing.
  • Some power line accidents occur on land while the mast is being raised or lowered, or the boat is being loaded or hand carried to or from the water.
  • Look up and check for overhead lines when you arrive at the launch site.

Open water contact on a lake can occur between masts and power lines. Always be aware that the water level may have changed on the lake due to rainfall, bringing masts closer to power lines than expected. Look for posted warning signs about overhead lines that may prohibit sailboats on the water.

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