SWEPCO offers discounts on LED lights at stores in Shreveport, Longview and Marshall

LED discounts3

SWEPCO currently has agreements in place and qualifying LEDs for sale at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart locations in Shreveport, La. and in Longview and Marshall, Texas.

It’s a simple program. SWEPCO customers choose the qualifying LEDs, which are marked with the discount, go to the checkout and purchase the bulbs. The discount is automatic at the register and no coupon or other information is needed from the customer. Limit of 12 bulbs per customer. They do not even need to mention the program or the discount. The scan at the register takes care of it all. 

The SWEPCO Residential Lighting Pilot program is an LED Lighting Markdown program designed to promote LED lighting to its customers. The program increases awareness and sales of ENERGY STAR® qualified LEDs through discounts delivered directly to customers via a reduction in cost at the retailers’ point of purchase. This program is simple for the customer. Just pick out the qualifying bulbs and go to the register, everything else is automatic.  

The signage and product location within the store can change from time to time at individual stores.



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