SWEPCO makes $25,000 AEP Foundation gift presentation to Clarendon College

clarendon college receives Foundation gift

SWEPCO officials present the $25,000 check to Dr. Robert Riza, second from left, president of Clarendon College, for use in their nursing programs.

“These funds will be used to scholarship women and low socioeconomic students into the LVN and ADN nursing programs,” said Tony Barley, SWEPCO senior customer services account rep in Childress, Texas. “Both of the programs offered in Childress are three semester programs leading to credentials. The awards will be split over three semesters and will have an impact in these students lives.”

“The funds will continue to allow students to not only gain their first credentials in the medical field but assist them as they progress through to the ADN (registered Nurse) program with the College. The College is working in partnership with Childress Regional Medical Center to aid in the development of registered nurses for the eastern part of the Texas Panhandle,” said Jennifer Harland, external affairs manager in Texarkana. The funds requested will be distributed among students that qualify for the scholarships and used to offset their educational expenses. The school will target students from the communities SWEPCO/AEP services and will also look at students with un-met financial need, according to Barley.

“The students in the Allied Health fields are traditionally female and lower socio-economic. These funds will allow some of the students to truly change their lives by gaining an education,” said Harland.

“The school is looking to create 16 scholarships at $1,500.00 per student. This will equate to a $500.00 award per semester. We would monitor the academic progress of the student and would re-award any monies not used for other students,” said Dr. Robert Riza, president of the College.



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