SWEPCO participated in “Careers on Wheels” Day in Tatum, Tx.

career on wheels Tatum RESIZED

“We want to be involved in the community,” said Sue Haynes, customer service rep. in Longview.

Haynes and Wes Shippey, Henderson troubleman, spent the day at Tatum Elementary School, where more than 360 students attended and asked lots of questions.

Shippey demonstrated the equipment a troubleman uses to get the power back on in a storm.  Students had the opportunity to put on rubber gloves, a hard hat, see a voltage detector, long stick and feel the heaviness of a tool belt.

“Wes demonstrated how to put on hooks and showed how they work so that he can climb a wooden pole when he can’t access the pole with his bucket truck,” added Haynes.

Haynes explained many different jobs within SWEPCO for future career opportunities. “At the end of our presentation, we gave the kids tootsie roll pops, which were a big hit!”


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