SWEPCO presents The Safety Circus In-School Performances

Elementary schools in Arkansas and Louisiana will host a live educational play at no cost, thanks to SWEPCO.

SWEPCO, longtime collaborator with The National Theatre for Children (NTC), is bringing The Safety Circus, starring safety spokes-bug, Louie the Lightning Bug, to elementary school audiences in 16 schools this April. The partnership between SWEPCO and NTC spans 20 years, and has educated tens of thousands of children. Specifically, The Safety Circus covers the following educational points:

  • Where electricity is made
  • The uses of electricity
  • Identifying dangerous electrical situations
  • Staying safe around electricity

Carey Sullivan, director of Corporate Communications at SWEPCO, sees the results of that relationship. “Teaching students to be safe around power lines and other potential hazards has always been one of our most crucial messages. These shows are an excellent way to deliver that message.”

NTC founder and President Ward Eames is confident the format works. “We educate kids, of course,” Eames explains, “but the information is presented in such a fun, energetic way that students will remember it for years to come. And we choose topics carefully to make sure the message is valuable and useful to those students.”

“The content of these programs is essential to safety. It’s critical that students remember what they’re seeing, because it all has practical use in their everyday lives, and because safety is an element, it could actually save their life,” adds Jennifer Harland, SWEPCO external affairs manager in Texarkana.


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