General Electric completes one of seven energy efficiency retrofit phases


GE earns $30,000 from SWEPCO’s LA Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program.

General Electric (GE) received a check representing the incentive earned in our Louisiana Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program. The incentive awarded represents the completion of the first of seven phases for the Shreveport plant.

Phase one focused on a lighting retrofit; 140 LED lights replaced 280 T5HO fluorescent high bays. This upgrade provides an estimated annual savings of $32,000.

The next phases will involve similar retrofits throughout the remainder of the plant, including the continued replacement of LED high bays on the plant floor. The latter phases will include LED retrofits in the office spaces and common areas to complete the facility.

The energy-saving measures over the remaining six quarters will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used, and the complete retrofit will save the plant approximately $171,000.

“GE Energy Connections’ Shreveport plant is committed to helping save our natural resources. Finding a partner like SWEPCO to work with has provided an opportunity to not only improve our lighting throughout the facility, but to minimize our eco foot print,” said Facilities Manager Douglas Bridges.

“SWEPCO is excited to partner with GE on this project and demonstrate how LED technology can work in this commercial application,” said Paul Pratt, energy efficiency and consumer programs manager. “The lighting looks great and is just one phase of a larger vision GE has at their facility that will save them both energy and maintenance costs.”

The Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program helps SWEPCO business customers save energy and money by providing facility improvement recommendations and financial incentives based on the verified electric energy and demand savings. For detailed program information, visit



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