Henderson ISD receives $2,000 for energy-saving upgrades

Henderson Independent School District (ISD) Superintendent Keith Boles (third from right) accepts a check for $2,001.30 from SWEPCO for the high school’s gymnasium lighting upgrades.

Students at Henderson ISD will enjoy a much brighter gym now that the school has participated in SWEPCO’s Schools Conserving Resources (SCORE) program.

LED lights replaced metal halide lights, and an occupancy sensor was installed inside the gymnasium. The lower wattage of the lights will produce less energy and allow for instant on/off lighting for the gym.

The project will reduce the gym’s annual energy consumption by more than 47,000 kWh.

“We are proud to have helped Henderson ISD save energy and money while making their gym brighter and more energy efficient,” said Ron Tevebaugh, senior energy efficiency & consumer program coordinator in Texas. “SWEPCO has many energy efficiency programs available to help local schools, businesses and homeowners.”

“The lighting upgrade in the [Henderson High School] gym was very much needed and long overdue,” said Boles. “The new lighting, along with the renovated floor, brightens up the entire gym. I appreciate SWEPCO for offering the SCORE program and want to thank our Maintenance Department Director Craig Hurt and Supervisor Gary Don Davis for their leadership in pursuing the opportunity and completing the project.”

In 2015, SWEPCO’s SCORE program provided $48,750 in incentives and 1,069,577 KWH in savings. The measures that were installed in 2015 included Energy Star Roofing (retrofit), High Efficiency Chiller Replacement, lighting in new construction and retrofits, High Efficiency Air Conditioning, A/C tune ups, and PC Power Management. There were a total of 10 ISDs and colleges that participated in the 2015 program.

The program is open to all schools in SWEPCO’s service area.

More information about SWEPCO’s Energy Efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers can be found at SWEPCOGridSmart.com.

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