SWEPCO’s Economic Impact 2010-2015


At SWEPCO, we’re proud to be part of the unique communities we serve in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.
In addition to providing jobs in power plants, on docks, in our call center and in offices throughout our service area, SWEPCO invests in each community we serve. Between 2010 and 2015, SWEPCO:

  • Donated $8.4 million from employees, the company and the AEP Foundation to communities in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas;
  • Returned $397 million to communities through state and local taxes; and
  • Invested $1.6 billion in our power lines, equipment and facilities.

Download PDF: SWEPCO By the Numbers

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Author: Carey Sullivan

Carey Sullivan is SWEPCO's director of Corporate Communications and is based at the company's Shreveport, La., headquarters.

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