Helicopters working on SWEPCO Transmission Lines near Texarkana

helicopter big t-line workRESIZED

We have construction crews at work in Bowie County (near New Boston and Texarkana, Texas) to build a new 345,000 volt transmission line between Texarkana and Valliant, OK.

During the construction of the line near Texarkana, construction crews will utilize helicopters to perform work on the transmission line. Two aerial-service contractors, Erickson and Winco, will perform the work for SWEPCO.

Erickson crews will use an orange helicopter with a green tail number reading N159C to assemble and place transmission poles at designated areas on the line. Winco will use a yellow helicopter with a white tail number reading N139WH to transport workers during the pole placement and to pull wire between the structures.

The work is scheduled to begin Saturday, July 9, and run for about a week. Weather delays could alter the flight schedule.

The work requires the helicopter to hover over the transmission line right-of-way to assemble and place the poles in specific areas.

This method of construction will help to reduce impact to the land and minimize damage to property.

Construction of the 77-mile line began in Oklahoma in early 2014 and is expected to be complete in Oklahoma and Texas in late 2016.

The project was ordered by the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the regional transmission organization responsible for overseeing the electric transmission grid in parts of Oklahoma and Texas to address regional reliability issues. SPP operates to ensure reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure and reasonable wholesale rates.

Questions or concerns? Call SWEPCO’s Corporate Communications at (318) 673-3532.

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